The “Fight to Extinguish” organization was established to enable us to help our own brothers and sisters in their fights against cancer. As we all know, many of us have been impacted by cancer – personally or with a loved one. “Fight to Extinguish” is designed to provide services to our members who are fighting this disease. If one of us (or an immediate family member) is fighting cancer, it can be overwhelming. As we have seen in the past, the CFD family is OUTSTANDING at “jumping in”. Sometimes however, a few of us have “fallen through the cracks”. We don’t want this to ever happen again. Through the generous funding of Levine Cancer Center, Presbyterian Cancer Center, and the CFFA, we are going to be able to help every CFD member and their family that are engaged in this awful fight.

2nd Annual Pink Lady Fire Truck Pull

“Cops 4 the Cure” and  “FIGHT TO EXTINGUISH “ with “The Pink Lady”  are happy to announce the “2nd Annual Pink Lady Fire Truck Pull” on Sunday afternoon April 14, 2013. This unique and fun event will again take place along the 900 block of Hamilton Street at the NC Music Factory. Download the flyer below for complete information.

The event will  be festive with plenty of extracurricular activities for everyone. Let’s get some CFD teams together again this year….Plan to spend the afternoon with us….the cause is what we are all about.

Last year we had three teams….WE CAN DO BETTER! Click below to register! We had two first place teams….ALL WOMEN and CO-Ed….representing TEAM TONI-MARIE and TEAM MECHELLE!  Whoot-Whoot!

2nd Annual Pink Lady Fire Truck Pull Flyer
2nd Annual Pink Lady Fire Truck Registration

2012 Pink Lady Truck Pull

Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull Pink Lady Truck Pull

Did You Know?

Childhood Cancer

On the average, 36 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer every day in the United States. Cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children under the age of 15 in the United States. The causes of most childhood cancers are unknown. At present, Childhood cancer cannot be prevented. Despite these facts, childhood cancer research is vastly and consistently underfunded. The National Cancer Institute offers these tips you can incorporate into your family’s daily life:

Thyroid Cancer

Thyroid Cancer affects people in all age groups from children through seniors. Three out of four people diagnosed with thyroid cancer are women. When found early, thyroid cancer is usually treatable. Early detection is a key. A simple Neck Check done by a medical professional during a routine appointment can detect a thyroid nodule. Some patients noticed a nodule on their lower neck, change in their voice, breathing or swallowing. Most nodules are benign and not cancer. Most thyroid cancer is treatable, but some thyroid cancers are aggressive and difficult to treat.

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer continues to have one of the highest mortality rates of any cancer. It is a leading cause of cancer deaths among women in the United States. Ovarian cancer touches women of all backgrounds and ages. Because of the lack of early symptoms and defective screening test, ovarian cancer is often not detected in time for a successful intervention. Women are encouraged to learn about risk factors, which including family history. Women should also discuss possible symptoms which include abdominal pain with their doctors.

Komen Walk 2011

Do you or a loved one need support?

Fight to Extinguish shieldFight to Extinguish is here to support you and your loved ones in your fight against cancer. We can provide support in a variety of ways. If you need our assistance, please contact us with your needs.

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